The New MORA NOVA Device

MORA® Nova incorporates the original BioResonance Therapy research according to

Dr. Franz Morell and Mr. Erich Rasche with the latest and most up-to-date technology, innovative software and perfection in every detail and design.

MORA®-Nova offers everything you need for easy and effective application in your practice: more than 35 years of experience in the proven MORA® BioResonance method, new design, ease of operation, enhanced therapy and diagnostic options and last but not least, State-of-the-Art technology in development. 

  • Patented 2-channel technology – reduction of therapy time owing to synchronized treatment of body segments
  • 500 indication based therapies
  • 19 Universal-therapy programs for quick access
  • 4 easy time-saving diagnosis techniques
  • Safe, quick and easily delegable operation
  • Additional packages for the medical regulation concept


Effective support for selected medical conditions.

Aura Clinic
International Turkish Hospital, Rruga Donika Kastrioti, Blloku Tirana 1023, Albania

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