What is MORA Therapy?

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MORA Therapy

is a biophysical treatment method that works with the natural frequencies of the human body.

MORA Therapy was invented in Germany during 1970s and since then it continuously developed with new technological devices each time.
The latest version of these devices is the MORA NOVA which also includes the state of art treatment and diagnostic software "Satellite" embedded into the device.
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Currently MORA Nova device uses 3 technics in combination to achive the best healing and diagnostic effects.
  • Bioresonance, the term which was first used by Dr. Franz MOrell, Eric RAsche and their application of bioresonance technic is defined as MORA Therapy.
  • Homeopathy
  • Electroacupuncture
The main targets of MORA Therapy are;
  • Releasing the blockages and burdes on the bioenergetic system
  • Stimulating healing mechanisms of the bioenergetic system
  • Maintaining the natural balance of the organism with the above effects
The main diagnostic targets of the MORA system are;
  • Checking the intolerances of the organisim to certain substances
  • Checking the positive effects of certain substances/frequencies on the organism
  • Checking the burdens loaded by one or more causes on the bioenergetic system
Effective support for selected medical conditions.

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