Dr. Cem Bagdatli
Dr. Cem BagdatliM.D. Spe.
Dr.Bagdatli was graduated from Istanbul Medical Faculty and also finished his specialization studies in Istanbul.
During his 20+ years of practise he worked in positions as village doctor to research hospitals as a general practitioner, specialist doctor, medical director.
This long and busy experience gifted him to evaluate medical problems in a holistic way.
Dr. Bagdatli speaks Turkish, English, German, Albanian, Azerbaijan Turkish.
Dr. Jonida Hyseni
Dr. Jonida HyseniM.D.
Dr.Hyseni graduated from University of Medicine,Tirana at the faculty of General Medicine.
Participant of several projects and congresses realized by the university and different associations .
She’s also active member of the Red Cross for several years and has helped a lot during COVID19 and earthquakes in Albania.
Apart from her mother tongue Albanian, she speaks English, Italian, Turkish and Spanish and German.
Effective support for selected medical conditions.

Aura Clinic
International Turkish Hospital, Rruga Donika Kastrioti, Blloku Tirana 1023, Albania

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