How may MORA Therapy Help You for Food Intolerances?

Day by day we observe more intolerances to food. This may be partially caused by genetic modifications on food and partially because of heavy burdens on our bioenergetic system.

Nowadays the wheat (mostly gluten) and milk (mostly lactose) intolerances are the frequent ones.

These 2 big intolerances may cause many problems:

  • Intestinal problems (like Gluten enteropathy)
  • Skin problems
  • Absorbtion problems (anemia, astenia)
  • Eye sight problems
  • Neurological problems
  • Methabolical problems
  • Psychological problems

We have great experience on these intolerances. While  releasing the burdens of the intolerance from the bioenergetic system all other suitable holistic interventions are provided to our patients to reach a high success rate.

In our observations our patients reached excessive improvements in their health status with regular therapies.

Effective support for selected medical conditions.

Aura Clinic
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